As of September 1, 2023, all forms and contracts/consents are available to be filled out online, through my scheduling platform, PocketSuite. These are secure and confidential. 

When you schedule your Consultation, you will be provided a Consultation Questionnaire to inform me of what information you wish to discuss. This is to help me prepare for our conversation, and is filled out when you schedule the consultation. This form is secure and confidential, so you may include a brief description of any health concerns in it. 

If you decide to move forward with scheduling a session with me, you will be sent the documentation I need (by law) in order to provide you with a safe and effective experience with me. These must be completed a minimum of 36 hours before your session is scheduled to begin so I have time to go over them and contact you if I have any questions. If your documentation is not completed more than 36 hours before your scheduled appointment (12 hours after you receive the reminder for your appointment, because I know sometimes things slip through the cracks and that reminder email or text will jog your memory), I will consider you to be late-canceling the appointment, and will notify you of said cancelation and a 50% late cancelation fee will be required. (as a reminder, if you do not late cancel and just don't show up, you will be charged up to 100% of the session rate)
If you do not wish to complete your intake forms online, please contact me and I will email you PDFs which you can print, complete, and bring to your first session with you. In this case, we will need to thoroughly discuss any health considerations before your first appointment so I can prepare. YOU MUST LET ME KNOW YOU WANT THE PDFs AND INTEND TO BRING THEM TO THE APPOINTMENT AT LEAST 48 HOURS BEFORE THE APPOINTMENT IS SCHEDULED (when the appointment reminder is sent out), so that I won't take your not filling the forms out online as a late cancelation (see previous paragraph). It would be preferable for you to let me know this PRIOR to our consultation, so we can each have them handy for reference during the consultation. 

To recap, you MUST either have all of the forms completed online at least 36 hours before your appointment OR you must contact me directly to request the PDF version of the forms at least 48 hours before your appointment, or you will be considered a late cancelation and charged accordingly. I see many individuals who have complex medical and/or mental health conditions, and I must know as much as possible about what is going on before you walk into my office, in order to keep you safe. 

If for some reason you have completely forgotten about the forms and realize after the cutoff that you do still intend to come, and you let me know ASAP, we can go over them during your session-- but this means that we will have to take up session time for the form completion and discussion, so you will receive less time on the table. These appointments will still be charged at the full rate for the time slot scheduled. My ABSOLUTE cutoff time for such notifications is 12 hours prior to the scheduled session start time. If you contact me to request to keep your appointment and go over the forms during that time, I cannot guarantee that the scheduled spot will still be available (someone on my late-notice list may have snatched it up), in which case you will have to schedule a new appointment at least 48 hours later. 

*** If you are a client who requires breast/chest massage or MLD, a consent form will be send for you to sign before EACH session that includes this service. This is required by law. 

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THE COMPLETED FORMS BACK TO ME-- I cannot guarantee their security via email.